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Welcome to the A-Star Computing Website

01424 201625

"Specialising in PC & Apple Mac Repairs, Servicing and Upgrades"

A-Star Computing are a mobile I.T. Support Business established in 2007, we Service and Repair both PC and Apple Mac Computers of all kinds. Plus we provide Computer Training and Help with getting started. The business was formed on the basis of being able to offer more affordable I.T. Support Services and Solutions to everybody, whether at home or in the office.

With the ever demanding need for computer technology these days it's good to know that there are businesses out there that you can not only trust, but also offer a professional level of service and support at affordable prices.

We come to you to assist in all your I.T. Computing needs and we also operate on a No Fix No Fee basis with very low & fair rates.

We are based in St. Leonards-on-Sea and serve Hastings, Fairlight, Pett, Westfield, Bexhill, Crowhurst, Battle, Winchelsea, Rye, Sedlescombe, Robertsbridge, Bodiam and the whole 1066 Area.

"We Support all PC based Desktops & Laptops, Apple Macs, Servers, iPhones, iPads, Tablets and more"

"First of all we operate on a No Fix, No Fee basis, which means if we can't or don't fix it, then we do not charge a penny, but everything is either fixable, or replaceable."

A-Star specialise in the following areas:

   Data Recovery (From Faulty or Failed Hard Drives, including Portable Devices...
more info

Such as USB drives, CD/DVDs, MP3 Players (iPods), Camera Cards, Memory Cards and more. Even if the device is inaccessible through traditional methods. Including dead or damaged laptop PCs, Desktop PCs, Apple Macs, Games Consoles, and any equipment that contains a hard drive.

We usually have a 99% success rate in recovering data from a formatted hard drive, damaged file system or partition that has been corrupted, accidentally deleted or over written with another operating system, and a 90% success rate in recovering data from physically faulty or damaged hard drives from drops or heavy knocks, but if we can't recover your data, we will not charge you.

Details and Prices: Most companies charge prices in the £100's mark to recover the smallest piece of information, we don't charge by data size or the amount of time it takes us to recover your data, we will charge you a fixed fee. The fixed fee will vary between £25, up to £95 depending on the nature of the task. If you have a laptop or desktop PC which is totally dead and unusuable, but the drive is in good working order, we can recover all necessary data with ease which will only cost you £25. If the hard drive partition, hard drive itself or other device is faulty or physically damaged, then alot more time and effort is needed in order to recovery lost data, so a charge between £65-£95 through A-Star will incur, regardless of the data size or recovery time. (Additional costs will only incur if the drive has to be sent to a specialist laboratory.

Deleted Files: The recovery of deleted files can easily be done onsite which will be charged at our standard hourly/half rate (See Pricing Information below).

   Data Backup, Storage and Encryption... more info

Local, Over Network, Internet, Remote and on the move i.e. USB.

Backing up your data regularly is critical as the cost of having to recover your data out weighes the small cost of a portable backup device such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive. We recommend you backup your data at least once a week. Most external usb hard drives come equipped with an automatic backup software package allowing you to automatically backup data to save time and hassle.

Security on your portable USB devices is also important, especially if they contain important, private and sensitive data. We can encrypt them (password protect them) securely using 256Bit Algorithms to protect them from unauthorised access if they are lost or stolen. On USB device insertion you will be prompted for a password to access your data.

We also setup Remote Backups over the internet from one location to another i.e. If you are a business, and you have a central head office in one location or town, and you have a small office or offices in another location or town and you need all Company data backed up to one location i.e. the Central Office, then you can have automatic remote backups carried out daily over a Broadband Connection from one office to another direct to a dedicated backup server, this can also be done over a secure VPN connection.

   Hardware Repairs, Upgrades, Servicing and Installations on all Makes and Models of Desktop PCs, Laptops and Apple iMac, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini and more... more info

This includes Memory, Motherboards, Graphics cards, Hard drives and Laptop/Mac screen repairs or replacements.

   Software Repairs, Upgrades and Installations... more info

All Microsoft® Office, Windows® and Apple OSX Operating Systems Supported + well known manufacturers such as:

Symantec: Norton/Symantec Products; such as Internet Security, 360, Ghost...
AVG: Anti-Virus, Internet Security...
McAfee: Internet Security, Anti-Virus, Anti-Theft, Total Protection...
Adobe: Acrobat, Photoshop, Elements and Standard Adobe Reader...
Sophos: Anti-Virus, Sophos Enterprise Manager for Remote Virus Updates...
Pinnacle: such as the Studio Series for Video Editing...
Nero: Nero Burning ROM, Express and Vision Express for DVD Authoring...

We also support all Mac OSX Operating Systems and setups.

   Internet Broadband Setup, Support and Security (Routers and Modems)... more info

Router configuration, home internet sharing, VPN and Remote Access + Web and FTP Server Setup. Also Games console connections to Broadband or Home Network.

   Wired and Wireless Network Installations... more info

Home Networking, Business Networking, Device Sharing. 100Mbps/1Gbps (Ethernet)

   Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Adware and Malware Removal and protection... more info

Removal and Protection from Viruses, Spyware and other Threats that can cause problems with your Computer System(s).

   Computer Training/Home Tuition and Help Getting Started... more info

Even if you are a complete beginner to the world of Computers, we'll get you up and running using your computer as you require. Making you feel at ease and have fun using your Computer, making it your friend and not your enemy. All this in the comfort of your own home. We cover most of the popular Microsoft® products including Windows® XP to Window® 10 and Office 97 to Office 2016. All Apple Mac OSX Operatings System covered.

(Computer Training and Home tuition starts at just £20 per hour).

   Printer Setup, Installation and networking... more info

Wired or Wireless, Laser or Inkjet; any make and model.

   Windows® Server Setup and Installations for Home or Business... more info

2000 to 2012 Standard and Enterprise.

   Basic Website Design... more info

Basic Website Design just as you see here. Whatever your requirements.

   Assistance in Building your own PC to your specification... more info

You tell us what you want, we'll help you source the parts and then we'll build it.. Gaming, Internet or Basic Office Use.

   New Pre-Built Desktop/Laptop PCs, Workstations and Servers supplied from Dell Only... more info

Due to their excellent build quality and their excellent customer service and after sales support.

   iPhone, iPad, Smart Phone and Tablet support more info

Setup, Upgrades and Training.

Computer Training and Home tuition is just £20 per hour.

For more information on our services, or for free friendly advice on any technical query, please contact us on 01424 201625 or alternatively email us

Pricing Information

For Private, Domestic and Home Customers, costs are £25 for the first half hour onsite and then £10 per full 15 minutes there after, or a fixed labour fee from £25 up to £65* to collect your computer and return it, usually within 24 - 48 hours depending on the nature of the repair.

For Small Businesses Prices start at £35 for the first half hour onsite and £20 per full 15 minutes there after.

We accept the following electronic payments:     

Computer Training, Home Tuition, Help Getting Started (New to Computers) is just £20 per hour.

Service Breakdown

We are usually able to diagnose and fix most problems in under an hour. If the job is going to take more than an hour, i.e System Restore/Recovery, Data Recovery, Windows Reinstall or requires parts, we will offer to take the equipment back to base and continue the repairs/diagnostics offsite where a fixed labour fee of up to £65* will be charged, no matter how long the equipment is in our hands for, and the 1 hour already spent onsite will be waived. In doing so a consent form will be issued for you to sign allowing us permission to remove your equipment and take back to base for further repairs and diagnostics. Your equipment will be collected and returned at no extra cost**.

* The fixed labour fee does not apply to the following:

  • If any Hardware or parts need replacing or upgrading due to fault you will be informed and quoted as necessary before any additional repairs that incur further costs take place, and also a detailed explanation to why.
  • Data recovery costs incur a maximum labour fee of £95 through A-Star. Unless the data needs to be sent to a specialist laboratory for forensic recovery methods. If any additional costs are involved you will be informed before hand.
  • Motherboard or Logicboard repairs can cost from £85 to £165 depending on the type of repair, but again you would be informed before hand. (A motherboard/logic board replacement would only incur additional part costs and not additional labour).

  • **If we spend more than half an hour onsite after delivering your equipment back to you due to any other additional work or issues not related to the current repair then there will be additional charges for that.

Examples of what our offsite service includes:
  • A Full PC/Laptop/Apple Mac Internal and external system clean up service.
  • A Full PC/Laptop/Apple Mac Software based Service.
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades.
  • Hard drive Repair (Bad sectors/File System)
  • PC/Mac Hardware replacements such as hard drives, Motherboards, graphics cards, sounds cards, wireless cards etc (Excluding direct motherboard repairs).
  • Laptop/Macbook hardware replacements such as screens, keyboards, hard drives, Motherboards, graphics cards, sounds cards, wireless cards etc (Excluding direct motherboard repairs).
  • Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, Picture recovery (excluding recovery from totally failed hard drives)
  • Operating System Repairs, Reinstallations, clean installations and upgrades
  • and more...
An example of what a typical Full service entails:
  • Backup of all your data and system configuration pre-Service/diagnostics or formatting of the hard drive (Formatting is usually only required in very problematic situations).
  • Internal clean out from dust and debris. Your Computer will under go a service where it will be cleaned inside and out. Overtime the inside fans, suck in dust and other particles from the outside air, which accumilates in airvents, in CPU Fans, System Fans, and Processor Heatsinks, which can cause problems like over heating and fan break downs.
  • System hardware health check and diagnostics: Memory tests, hard drive health tests, surface tests for bad blocks (any hard drive repairs are included in the fixed labour fee).
  • Full software based service, which is done in 3 stages and involves:

    Offline - (Without Windows running)
    Full virus scan and removal, startup items, temporary files removal, file system scan and repair and more...
    Minimal boot - (Windows Safe-Mode boot)
    Further Temporary file removal, disk cleanup, Spyware/adware/malware/root kit scan, advanced startup items check and optimization, registry check, internet browser cleanup and optimization and more...
    Normal boot - (Windows Normal boot mode)
    System file scan and repair, Services repair and optimization, Scheduled tasks, Devices and driver check, Firewall and security checks, working anti-virus checks, Event logs and error repairs, Service Pack and Windows updates, Registry cleanup and compacting, File defragmentation and Boot Optimization, plus lots more...
    This type of service can take between 48 - 72 hours to complete depending on the types of repairs required.

    Operating System Reinstallations
  • Operating System (Windows) reinstallation and configuration as required. (If you do not have your original CD/DVD Media for your currently installed version of Windows, we can usually provide this as long as you have the original Genuine License Product Key that either came with your version of Windows from an upgrade or retail purchase, or is attached to the Case of the PC/Laptop itself. This usually looks something like this:

  • If you are running Windows XP, Vista or 7 and you do not have one of these labels anywhere on the base of your laptop Computer or case of your Desktop Computer (Apple Macs excluded) then you may have an illegal version of Windows installed on your Computer^^ and there for you may need to purchase a Genuine Licensed Product from your local reseller. We can help you with this or we can obtain a fully legal product for you if needed.

    ^^In some cases the product key may have been worn, lost, damage or removed from the Computer in question, or it may be a Volume License installed via a Business or Academic and we may be able to obtain it through the operating system registry.

  • Hardware Drivers installation from CD media issued at time of collection, or if not available they will be aquired usually via download.

  • All Software and Applications that are issued to us on CD/DVD at the time of collection such as Microsoft® Office or Works etc will also be installed. Again if you do not have the CD/DVD media available for us to do this and you have a Genuine installed version we can obtain the media for you and no extra cost. All internet downloaded and installed applications will be downloaded and installed as before.

  • All Recovered or Backed up data previously on the drive will also be fully restored into it's original location(s) as pre-recovery. We will try to recreate all User profiles and layouts that existed pre-recovery also, and set it up to as close as possible as it was before the re-installation of Windows or other Software.

  • Once all work is complete, a Service Report will be constructed and you will be contacted to arrange a time for us to deliver your machine in fully working order, for you to test and try out before any payment is made. You the customer has to be satisfied and happy with the work carried out and that your equipment is working how you want it to be before we charge you a penny.

  • All our labour is covered with a 30 day warranty, which can be issued in writing at the time of delivery of your equipment on request, meaning if the problem re-occurs in those 30 days then we will do what is necessary to fix it, at no extra labour cost. Unless the extra work involves a motherboard or logicboard repair. All new parts are covered by a minimum of 3 months warranty (unless otherwise stated), up to 12 months manufacturers warranty. New memory usually has from 3 years to a life time warranty.

Computer Training. Home Tuition and Help Getting Started is just £20 per hour.

For more information on our services, or for friendly advice on any technical query, please contact us on 01424 201625 or alternatively email us

For more Information, Friendly Advice or if you would like a Service or Repair Quote give us a Call, a Text or Send us an Email.

  01424 201625

Mobile or Text:
  07976 483 839


Our operating hours are:

Monday to Thursday 9 am to 6 pm
Friday 9 am to 4 pm

Please also see our Facebook and Google Reviews

Here are some Testimonials from some of the Customers who use our services

(They are shown exactly how the customers wrote them)




I can't thank Graham enough for fixing my lap top, it had several issues that were resolved in the price which is honest and incredible in this day and age! They always kept me in the picture and I didn't have to chase once - again rare!

A-Star computing will be the only computer doctor I will be visiting or recommending to my friends in the future.

My laptop is now running like a new one - so fast and plays 4OD like a dream!


Dear Graham

Just a line to say thank you for sorting me out. I am getting used to the new format and making good progress now I'm feeling better and can concentrate.

Thanks again - Gill

Hi Graham,

Have had a call back from TalkTalk and we are now super fast! Can?t believe I?ve been sitting here swearing at the computer for months when there was a fault on the line which made everything so slow! No pop ups, everything good as new, can?t thank you enough.


You are just brilliant, Graham!, and I've put up this e-mail. It is vastly superior to the yahoo mess we had before, (I hope) you continue to improve and update our systems.

I plan to take your advice about having a Word document for computer processes where it will be very much easier to locate and update. Perhaps we'll do a bit of that each time you come?.

So, once again, heartfelt thanks for your exceptionally skilled work and your sympathetic understanding of our problems.

All the very best,


If you are anywhere near Hastings and have a computer which needs looking after (or help with buying a new one) I strongly recommend A-Star. They know their stuff, extremely professional and pleasant.

Ted Polhemus (Hastings, Old Town)

Excellent Service - thank you so much for the rapid response and thorough fix of my laptop problems. Much appreciated and I will certainly use you again and recommend you to colleagues and friends.


Amazing Service..Thank you to dear old lap top is like new :)

Pippa's Gift Boxes

***** A fantastic service, I received continual text progress updates. I'm very happy and have a beautiful working MacBook Pro again - just like new. Thank you so very much.

Claire (Hastings)

Recently when having trouble with our laptop we called on Graham of A-Star Computing. Graham gave an excellent service at a more than reasonable price and we were up and running in no time.

Marion & Bob Griffin (Pett)

I just thought I'd let you know that the laptop is working like a well-oiled machine!! It's definitely louder too - I had to turn down the sound of a BBC play.. Thank you so much for sorting it out for me...

Anna (Hastings)

A-Star computing offer such a great service, they came and collected my broken mac yesterday and delivered me a fixed one back today - and it was cleaner than when it left. Amazing service - would highly recommend.

Helen (Hastings)

Very happy with the excellent service I received for a macbook pro issue :) Very knowledgeable, efficient and convenient with the pick-up and drop-off service. The repair was completed much quicker than I expected and Graham kept me well informed throughout which was much appreciated.


5 star Excellent service very quick and efficient, my Mac book pro is now running better than ever, a big thank you to A-star Computing


Polite, professional, knowledgable, quick service. Solved my network issue on a MacBook Pro very swiftly. Also showed me how I could solve it in future if the issue arose again. Highly recommend!


Would absolutely recommend Graham. Collected my laptop, did extra at the last minuet and still only charged me £45. Even dropped it back. Kept me informed throughout, A* service.


You have done a wonderful job with the laptop. Harry is made up with it. Its better than when it was new.


Thanks for the great work that you did on our computer. It is running a lot more smoothly and I can?t believe how clean it is!

(Liz Emtage Ceramics)

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