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Pricing Information

For Private, Home and Small Business Customers, costs are £25 for the first half hour onsite and then £10 per full 15 minutes there after, or a fixed labour fee from £25 up to £65* to collect your computer and return it, within 2 to 3 working days, usually 24 hours depending on the nature of the repair.

For medium or Large Businesses Prices start at £35 for the first half hour onsite and £20 per full 15 minutes there after.

Computer Training, Home Tuition, Help Getting Started (New to Computers) is just £15 per hour.

Service Breakdown

We are usually able to diagnose and fix most problems in under an hour. If the job is going to take more than an hour, i.e System Restore/Recovery, Data Recovery, Windows Reinstall or requires parts, we will offer to take the equipment back to base and continue the repairs/diagnostics offsite where a fixed labour fee of up to £65* will be charged, no matter how long the equipment is in our hands for, and the 1 hour already spent onsite will be waived. In doing so a consent form will be issued for you to sign allowing us permission to remove your equipment and take back to base for further repairs and diagnostics. Your equipment will be collected and returned at no extra cost**.

* The fixed labour fee does not apply to the following:

  • If any Hardware or parts need replacing or upgrading due to fault you will be informed and quoted as necessary before any additional repairs that incur further costs take place, and also a detailed explanation to why.
  • Data recovery costs incur a maximum labour fee of £95 through A-Star. Unless the data needs to be sent to a specialist laboratory for forensic recovery methods. If any additional costs are involved you will be informed before hand.
  • Motherboard or Logicboard repairs can cost from £85 to £165 depending on the type of repair, but again you would be informed before hand. (A motherboard/logic board replacement would only incur additional part costs and not additional labour).

  • **If we spend more than half an hour onsite after delivering your equipment back to you due to any other additional work or issues not related to the current repair then there will be additional charges for that.

Examples of what our offsite service includes:
  • A Full PC/Laptop/Apple Mac Internal and external system clean up service.
  • A Full PC/Laptop/Apple Mac Software based Service.
  • Hardware/Software Upgrades.
  • Hard drive Repair (Bad sectors/File System)
  • PC/Mac Hardware replacements such as hard drives, Motherboards, graphics cards, sounds cards, wireless cards etc (Excluding direct motherboard repairs).
  • Laptop/Macbook hardware replacements such as screens, keyboards, hard drives, Motherboards, graphics cards, sounds cards, wireless cards etc (Excluding direct motherboard repairs).
  • Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, Picture recovery (excluding recovery from totally failed hard drives)
  • Operating System Repairs, Reinstallations, clean installations and upgrades
  • and more...
An example of what a typical Full service entails:
  • Backup of all your data and system configuration pre-Service/diagnostics or formatting of the hard drive (Formatting is usually only required in very problematic situations).
  • Internal clean out from dust and debris. Your Computer will under go a service where it will be cleaned inside and out. Overtime the inside fans, suck in dust and other particles from the outside air, which accumilates in airvents, in CPU Fans, System Fans, and Processor Heatsinks, which can cause problems like over heating and fan break downs.
  • System hardware health check and diagnostics: Memory tests, hard drive health tests, surface tests for bad blocks (any hard drive repairs are included in the fixed labour fee).
  • Full software based service, which is done in 3 stages and involves:

    Offline - (Without Windows running)
    Full virus scan and removal, startup items, temporary files removal, file system scan and repair and more...
    Minimal boot - (Windows Safe-Mode boot)
    Further Temporary file removal, disk cleanup, Spyware/adware/malware/root kit scan, advanced startup items check and optimization, registry check, internet browser cleanup and optimization and more...
    Normal boot - (Windows Normal boot mode)
    System file scan and repair, Services repair and optimization, Scheduled tasks, Devices and driver check, Firewall and security checks, working anti-virus checks, Event logs and error repairs, Service Pack and Windows updates, Registry cleanup and compacting, File defragmentation and Boot Optimization, plus lots more...
    This type of service can take between 48 - 72 hours to complete depending on the types of repairs required.

    Operating System Reinstallations
  • Operating System (Windows) reinstallation and configuration as required. (If you do not have your original CD/DVD Media for your currently installed version of Windows, we can usually provide this as long as you have the original Genuine License Product Key that either came with your version of Windows from an upgrade or retail purchase, or is attached to the Case of the PC/Laptop itself. This usually looks something like this:

  • If you are running Windows XP, Vista or 7 and you do not have one of these labels anywhere on the base of your laptop Computer or case of your Desktop Computer (Apple Macs excluded) then you may have an illegal version of Windows installed on your Computer^^ and there for you may need to purchase a Genuine Licensed Product from your local reseller. We can help you with this or we can obtain a fully legal product for you if needed.

    ^^In some cases the product key may have been worn, lost, damage or removed from the Computer in question, or it may be a Volume License installed via a Business or Academic and we may be able to obtain it through the operating system registry.

  • Hardware Drivers installation from CD media issued at time of collection, or if not available they will be aquired usually via download.

  • All Software and Applications that are issued to us on CD/DVD at the time of collection such as Microsoft® Office or Works etc will also be installed. Again if you do not have the CD/DVD media available for us to do this and you have a Genuine installed version we can obtain the media for you and no extra cost. All internet downloaded and installed applications will be downloaded and installed as before.

  • All Recovered or Backed up data previously on the drive will also be fully restored into it's original location(s) as pre-recovery. We will try to recreate all User profiles and layouts that existed pre-recovery also, and set it up to as close as possible as it was before the re-installation of Windows or other Software.

  • Once all work is complete, a Service Report will be constructed and you will be contacted to arrange a time for us to deliver your machine in fully working order, for you to test and try out before any payment is made. You the customer has to be satisfied and happy with the work carried out and that your equipment is working how you want it to be before we charge you a penny.

  • All our labour is covered with a 30 day warranty, which can be issued in writing at the time of delivery of your equipment on request, meaning if the problem re-occurs in those 30 days then we will do what is necessary to fix it, at no extra labour cost. Unless the extra work involves a motherboard or logicboard repair. All new parts are covered by a minimum of 3 months warranty (unless otherwise stated), up to 12 months manufacturers warranty. New memory usually has from 3 years to a life time warranty.

Computer Training. Home Tuition and Help Getting Started is just £15 per hour.

For more information on our services, or for friendly advice on any technical query, please contact us on 01424 201625 or alternatively email us





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